Where on the Isle of Wight to watch Westlife in cinemas

WEST LIFE will air their very first show of Wembley Stadium live in a cinema on the Isle of Wight in August.

The UK’s best-selling album band of the 21st century will perform outside a sold-out Wembley Stadium on Saturday August 6.

With 20 years of success, 14 UK number one singles and selling over 55 million records worldwide, Westlife will perform hits from their Wild Dreams Tour including Uptown Girl, Flying Without Wings and You Raise Me Up.

Shane, Nicky, Mark and Kian invite fans around the world to come together in cinemas to share the experience live.

Ahead of the event, Westlife said: “After a two year wait, 6th August will be the biggest show we have ever undertaken in the UK and all under the arch of one of the most iconic venues of the world.

“To announce now that the show will be screened live in cinemas across the UK, Ireland and Europe, allowing our fans who won’t be there at night to enjoy it in real time is also something really special for us.

“We will give Wembley everything we have tonight with all our greatest hits included!

The performance will be screened in over 500 cinemas across the UK, including the Isle of Wight.

from Newport cineworld will show the performance from Wembley live at 8.30pm on August 6 and again the following day (Sunday August 7) ​​for those who missed it live.

For more information and ticket details, visit Cineworld here.