Westlife star Brian McFadden unrecognizable in hospital after fatal bee sting

Westlife star Brain McFadden has shocked fans after sharing the bee sting injury that left him unrecognizable.

The singer, who earlier this year started collaborating again with former Boyzone star Keith Duffy to release their new album Old School as Boyzlife, has shared an alarming video that has him hospitalized.

It’s not just hay fever (opens in a new tab) which people should beware. Brian uploaded the clip to his Instagram and captioned it: “Stung by a bee and had an allergic reaction!! Own this look! Free botox and fillers!!!!!”

But his outspoken response to the clip of his swollen face, which he accompanied while singing LMFAO hit Sexy And I Know It from his hospital bed, alarmed fans at the severity of the allergic reaction.

A worried fan commented, “Oh my god, feel better soon!”

Another fan added: “NOOOO WAY 😂 some girls pay a lot of money for this treatment 😭😭”

While a third fan put, “Holy s**t @brianmcfadden123 😳🙈 Great sense of humor though 👏 😂😂”

Brian, who released his debut single The One with Keith in October 2021, was playing golf when he was stung by a bee.

He has since posted a timeline of the swelling of the reaction he had and commented: “The timeline from the sting to the reaction. Still ongoing.”

And he updated fans on his recovery, he wrote: “My face is calming down again. Thank you for all your lovely messages. Now delighted to be playing @mariekeatingfoundation golf day at Kclub. Amazing charity, always a brilliant day and catching up with old friends.”

After getting bitten, Brian took a taxi to the doctor and his mood did not deteriorate as he attempted to sing Westlife’s debut hit “Swear It Again” with difficulty due to the ‘swelling.

If you have been stung by a bee, some of the symptoms include skin reactions including hives, itching and red or pale skin. Difficulty breathing. Swelling of throat and tongue. A weak and rapid pulse.

An allergic reaction will trigger the following symptoms; difficulty in breathing. Hives that appear as an itchy red rash that spreads to areas beyond the bite. Swelling of the face, throat or any part of the mouth or tongue.

You can read more about stings via Mayoclinic and how to deal with them.