Westlife at Wembley Stadium: Prohibited Bags and Items Policy

London prepares to welcome thousands of fans as iconic boy band Westlife Head towards Wembley Stadium.

With the concert fast approaching, ticket holders should be aware of what they cannot bring to Wembley Stadium on August 6.

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For full guidance and detailed information on all prohibited items and regulations go to Wembley Stadium website.

Wembley bag policy:

Wembley Stadium prohibits any ticket holder from bringing bags into the stadium unless they comply with venue rules, if you have a non-compliant bag you will be refused entry.

All bags are checked at an outside drawstring and for any size disputes a bag gauge will be used, so it is best to keep bags small.

What size bag can I bring to Wembley Stadium?

The most important rule to follow is that the bags must not be larger than a sheet of A4 paper.

Additionally, all bags will be inspected, which may include a personal search or pat down, and any merchandise brought in will be provided in a clear plastic bag.

If for a medical reason you require a bag that does not comply with stadium policy, you will need to contact the team prior to the day of the event.

You can do it via Wembley Stadium website here.

What can I bring to Wembley Stadium?

Wembley Stadium has a list of prohibited items which cannot be brought onto the site for health and safety reasons.

If you have a prohibited item, it could be confiscated or potentially refused.

Items you cannot bring to Wembley are:

  • Bags not complying with bag policy
  • large umbrellas
  • Aluminum and glass beverage containers, plastic bottles over 500ml
  • Alcohol
  • Food and drink
  • Strollers
  • Selfie sticks
  • Weapons and tools
  • Flares, lasers, certain devices and cartridges
  • Large size cameras and camcorders
  • Drone
  • Musical instruments and vuvuzelas not allowed

The items you can bring to Wembley Stadium are:

  • Bags Compliant with Bag Policy
  • small umbrellas
  • Transparent empty plastic bottles of 500ml or less
  • Small banners/signs
  • Crutches and walking aids