Westlife and Backstreet Boys team up for an incredible live duet on two…

June 27, 2022, 4:54 PM

Backstreet Boys and Westlife team up.

Picture: WeChat/YouTube

Two of the biggest boy bands in the world teamed up for a special virtual concert, and it was 90s pop heaven.

The Backstreet Boys held a special concert with over 44 million WeChat users.

The concert lasted two hours and was streamed live Friday night on WeChat Channels, the app’s video feature.

Westlife then made an appearance and collaborated with the American group on two songs.

The bands performed on Westlife’s UK number one single ‘My Love’ and the Backstreet Boys ballad ‘I Want It That Way’.

A total of 44.2 million users watched the WeChat concert.

Watch the performance below:

Westlife later tweeted a clip from the performance, writing, “What a moment it was to sing I Want It That Way with @backstreetboys! Thanks again to @WeChatApp for inviting us and to all our Chinese fans who joined the concert live. We hope you all enjoy it too.”

The sight of hearing Westlife’s Mark Feehily sing the high notes on “I Want It That Way” and Brian Littrell on “My Love” was pure joy for any 90s kid.