We caught up with Westlife before their performance in Abu Dhabi

“We Can’t Wait” – Nicky Byrne…

The famous Irish boy band Westlife are due to perform for the first time in Abu Dhabi this Thursday, September 29 at the Etihad Arena on Yas Island.

The Irish boy band of four previously performed in Dubai in August 2019, when they were among the first artists to take the stage at the Coca-Cola Arena.

Tickets are on sale and are priced at 199 Dhs. Buy them at livenation.me and ticketmaster.ae.

We spoke to Nicky Byrne before their performance

“We love playing live; there is always a really special connection that our old songs love fly without wings and You lift me up with our fans,” says Nicky Byrne, one of Westlife’s four members. “We get so emotional every time we see our fans sing along with us and shine their phone lights in the air – nothing really beats that feeling.”

“We can’t wait. Dubai in 2019 was a big show for us and the Middle East is a place we always love to come back to,” says Nicky.

With a career spanning nearly 25 years under their belt, Westlife’s meteoric success is testament to their unwavering dedication to their fans.

“The fans are the reason we love touring so much. Seeing big crowds together, singing, dancing and having a good time is why we do what we do,” says Nicky.

After performing on stages around the world for more than two decades, one would assume there can’t be much that still impresses them, but a recent sold-out performance at Wembley Stadium was a real ” pinch moment,” he said. What’s new.

Westlife is currently on their wild dreams tour, a rescheduled version of their Stadiums in the Summer tour, which was scheduled to take place in the summer of 2020. The band took advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic to write new music, and wild dreams – Westlife’s 18th studio album – was released in late 2021.

“Writing and recording our new album was a very different process for us. It was in the middle of the pandemic, and we were able to really engage with the process and work with writers and producers around the world while sitting at home. We’re really proud of that,” Nicky shares.

Westlife Abu Dhabi

The tour began in June and will run through February 2023, stopping at cities in the UK, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The tour is special for Westlife because it gives the band a chance to reconnect with fans, see the world and get creative. Nicky explains: “We’ve had a brilliant summer of touring, playing various venues across Ireland and the UK. We’re still thinking about what’s next and right now it’s the rest of the tour and we’re going to countries we haven’t been able to go to for so long. Being on the road is always good for creativity, so I’m sure we’ll be thinking about new musical ideas in the near future.

Fans will get to hear a slew of classic songs from the Irish megastars, but their favorite playing right now is the album’s lead single, Stars light“It’s an anthemic, euphoric song and feels like a big party – we absolutely love playing it live.”

As one of the most revered boy bands in the world, you wouldn’t be blamed for wondering if they have a sense of normalcy in their lives. When asked what a typical day looks like in the world of Westlife, Nicky tells us that each of the band members has a varied routine.

“I like to get up in the morning, go to the gym and spa and have a nice healthy breakfast. Then we would usually go to the stadiums around lunchtime, rehearse and sound check, watch our children running around and playing football; then we’ll try to have some free time for a few hours before going on stage.

Having spent the majority of their lives performing on stage, the guys insist on having a special pre-show ritual: “No matter how big or small a show is, we’ll always make sure we have a fair huddle before going on stage. It’s a great way for us to get into the zone and really understand everything.

Westlife fans in Dubai, take note – there will also be the option to book a shuttle that goes direct to the Etihad Arena for an additional Dhs59.

>Westlife presents The Wild Dreams Tour, Etihad Arena, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, September, ticket prices start from Dhs 199, livenation.me and ticketmaster.ae

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