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The Backstreet Boys are kicking off their DNA tour on Friday in Las Vegas, so they appeared on Wednesday Kelly Clarkson Show to talk about it – and sing, of course.

The five band members split up to participate in a game of “Throw Me a Line”, in which the goal was to identify the boy band’s song by the lyrics. AJ, Kevin and brian played against howie, pseudo and Kelly, and at the start, AJ, Kevin and Brian were in front, correctly identifying Boyz II Man“I’m going to make love to you” and singing it as well.

Then Nick, Howie and Kelly identified *NSYNC“Goodbye goodbye.” But then AJ, Kevin and Brian broke the tie by buzzing as soon as they heard the host read the lyrics, “All you people.”

Of course, it was Backstreet’s “Larger Than Life,” which they then sang. “It’s a shame we’re going on tour again – don’t you know the words?” teased AJ.

Kelly was surprised they could identify the song so quickly, to which Brian replied, “I WRITTEN that one!”

Speaking about the tour, AJ joked, “Our kids were so happy we were home for the past two years, but our wives were like, ‘You MUST go back to work. PLEASE go back to work!’

Kelly also treated the audience to a “Kellyoke” performance of Backstreet’s “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely.”

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