Backstreet boys

The Toronto Blue Jays just reunited as the Backstreet Boys at a former teammate’s wedding

It seems like just yesterday that the Toronto Blue Jays were battling for post-season greatness in those golden years of 2015 and 2016.

It’s a whole different bunch of talent these days trying to make it to the World Series, but it looks like some of the stars that dotted that roster past are rubbing shoulders with today’s Jays.

Fans were left with a near-yet-distant memory of a team that fell short of greatness, but players were left with much more than champagne-soaked t-shirts and hats.

Many players from this still recent era have left the majors or completely hung up their batting gloves, but they still have lasting bonds and friendships in the Blue Jays organization.

And we got to see these baseball brothers reunited at the recent wedding of former Jays second baseman and current minor league coach Devon Travis.

Several current and former Blue Jays were on hand to celebrate the occasion, posing for a group photo that could easily be mistaken for a 1990s boy band album cover.

Current Blue Jays pitcher Ryan Borucki shared the photo on Twitter, showing plenty of familiar faces that have aged over the years since we’ve known them best, as well as some fresher faces. From left to right, the photo includes Borucki, Dwight Smith Jr, Marco Estrada, Jose Bautista, Devon Travis, Randal Grichuk, Kevin Pillar and Ryan Goins.

Borucki was clearly aware of the visual similarities between the group and another famous assembly of guys dressed in white, with the caption “Backstreet’s back”.

We even got to see Borucki and Travis show off some slow motion moves.

The news of Travis’ marriage has fans wishing him congratulations, but the knot seems overshadowed by fans’ joy at seeing their former heroes reunited.

And while that’s a blast from the past for some fans, it brings back at least one bad memory.

Others wonder why other former teammates weren’t in the photo, like former Jays pitcher Marcus Stromanwhile a commentator wonders about the weird background placement by ryan goins.