The Mount Everest team only played Westlife songs during our climb, reveals RTE’s Fair City star Ryan Andrews

RTE star Ryan Andrews has revealed that the Mount Everest team only played Westlife songs during their climb.

The Fair City star, who is best known for playing Sean Cassidy on the hit RTE soap opera, returned home last week after reaching Everest Base Camp.


Ryan opened up about his Everest trip on the Six O’Clock ShowCredit: Virgin Media
Ryan reached Everest base camp and achieved his goal


Ryan reached Everest base camp and achieved his goalCredit: Instagram

The 29-year-old flew away with some of his friends for this challenge he set himself at the very beginning of the year.

After heading to Lukla Airport – the most dangerous airport in the world with its steep runway and foggy weather – Ryan took a helicopter to base camp as his flight was cancelled.

He then walked for hours with his group and continued his trek to Namche Bazaar.

Ryan also visited Phakding, Sagarmatha National Park, Khumjung Village, Dingboche and Tingboche.

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Ryan, who trained for 12 weeks before his Everest Base Camp trek, said the hardest part was the helicopter ride.

He revealed that his group landed safely but the other group encountered some difficulties.

Ryan said: “The hardest part is because you’re in the mountains, just to get there you have to get on a flight.

“[Lukla Airport] is off a cliff and fog! So we walked in and our flight was delayed two hours, so I said, “We really have to go, we’re against time.”

“He said, ‘The pilot can’t see out the window let alone the runway’, so we ended up having to take a helicopter to get up there.

“It was harder than Everest, before we even started!

“There were two groups, our group landed perfectly but the other group, when taking off, the fog came in and they had to do an emergency landing.

“They couldn’t see the runway, and then the pilot was like, ‘Oh my God, oh my God!’ I started screaming!”

Ryan also revealed that the Mount Everest team only had one album throughout their journey.


He told Six O’Clock Show viewers: “The more we went up, the only CD they played was Westlife’s debut album – it was the only album they had!

“So it was Coast to Coast, Uptown Girl, all of that while you’re climbing Everest.”

The Fair City actor also said how much he loved the experience.

He said: “It was just trying something new, a challenge for myself.

“I love the outdoors and would much rather be by the sea or on top of a mountain than be at home.

“It started during lockdown, when you could only go 2km from your home. My dad and I used to go to our local park.

“And all of a sudden you really appreciate the outdoors, what it does for you physically and mentally.

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“Then it just got higher and higher and during Hell Week there was a challenge called Foreman Aftman, which was a 22 mile hike and there was 50 pounds on my back, I did it with a broken rib – and I liked it!

“Base Camp happened and it was a big challenge for me, something I had never done before and I worked hard and that’s what I did. I loved it!”

Westlife stars Shane Filan, Mark Feehily, Kian Egan and Nicky Bryne


Westlife stars Shane Filan, Mark Feehily, Kian Egan and Nicky BryneCredit: Getty Images