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The Backstreet Boys Take The DNA Tour On The Road – Music Connection Magazine

Darien Lake, New York – July 9e2022: Charlie Meister

Almost two and a half years ago, my wife and her best friend from high school bought tickets to see the Backstreet Boys on their DNA tour when they were due to pass through town in the summer of 2020. Like all the other tours this year, we all know how this story ended. While 2021 marked the return of live music, it was hit or miss. Tours were constantly pushed back, postponed or canceled due to ongoing COVID issues. Even today, we are still dealing with the impacts of COVID, albeit to a much lesser extent.

Just as I have done with several pop tours in the past, I decided to cover this tour as it was another opportunity to

The show started at 7.30pm, with Australian pop star Delta Goodrem opening with a performance lasting over 30 minutes. Complete with a full band, Goodrem immediately captivated the cheering crowd as they lined up to await the headliner. Her performance included her hits “Lost Without You” and “Sitting on Top of the World”, as well as a fantastic cover of Kate Bush’s new song “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)”. Goodrem alternated between performing songs from his piano at times, while strutting around the stage for the majority of the performance. As a first experience with his music, I was impressed and there is no doubt that this tour will only enhance his nearly 20 year professional music career.

Shortly after 8:45 a.m., the Backstreet Boys finally took the stage and delivered on their promise to truly be “back” in Western New York. They opened their performance with “Everyone” from their 2000 album “Black and Blue” before launching into a 33-song set, which included all the hits from their first three albums and a heavy dose of material from their release of 2019, “DNA”. ‘

“Their energy was awesome and they made me feel like a teenager again.” – Kerri Meister

It would be impossible to pick a particular highlight of the night, as the Backstreet Boys poured out hit after hit. From my perspective, glossing over the greatest hits is the easy part. The challenge lies in being able to present new music to your fans over 20 years into your career, and they did just that, performing nine of the twelve songs from their latest album. Although there is little representation of anything released between “Black and Blue” and “DNA”, they did work in a few songs from that era, including “Undone” from 2009’s “This is Us” and “Incomplete” from their 2005 album ‘Never Gone.’

However, the home stretch of the show was probably the biggest highlight, as Nick Carter donned a blue Josh Allen Buffalo Bills jersey and Brian Littrell sported a Buffalo Bills hat. The already howling crowd climaxed in the final quarter of the show, beginning with “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”.

While I caught a few glimpses of my wife in the general admission pits area that she and her friend splurged for, I couldn’t really connect with her until after the show. After we reunited, of course, the first thing I asked her was what she thought of the show. In her own words, “They haven’t lost a step since their gigs in the 90s” and “Their energy was awesome and they made me feel like a teenager again.”

It was pretty obvious that most of the fans in attendance probably felt the same way. COVID may have delayed this tour by two years, but it’s now and I wouldn’t wait another minute to grab your tickets if you’re interested in snagging this one!

Set list:

  1. Everybody
  2. I want to be with you
  3. The call
  4. I don’t want you to come back
  5. Nobody else
  6. new love
  7. Get down (you’re the only one for me)
  8. Castle
  9. Show me the meaning of being alone
  10. Incomplete
  11. Fact
  12. More than that
  13. The way it was
  14. Odds
  15. The shape of my heart
  16. Drowning
  17. Keen
  18. Quite fun games (with my heart)
  19. As you Love Me
  20. No space
  21. To breathe
  22. I don’t want to lose you now
  23. I will never break your heart
  24. all i have to give
  25. Everyone (Backstreet’s back)
  26. We have it going
  27. It must be you
  28. That’s the way I like it
  29. Get another boyfriend
  30. The one
  31. I want it this way


  • Do not break My Heart
  • larger than life