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The Backstreet Boys stop a concert in Indiana to help fans in the crowd

The cries of millennials can be heard across the Midwest as one of our favorite boy bands, the Backstreet Boys, resumed their DNA World Tour after more than two years of delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic. .

However, fans in the audience at the band’s recent concert in Noblesville, Indiana were scared after the band had to abruptly stop the show to help a fan in the crowd who appeared to have a medical emergency.

The dramatic moment came towards the end of the band’s concert as the boys performed their song “That’s the Way I Like It”. Video footage shows AJ Mclean raising his arm to signal the band to stop their performance as a fan near the front of the stage suffered a medical emergency.

McLean can then be heard asking the audience to give the woman some space before asking her directly, “Are you okay?” Nearby fans told the group that the woman passed out but was still breathing. The boys halted the show until paramedics reached the woman who was allegedly woken up from the crowd in a wheelchair, according to the Indianapolis Star. The band then resumed the concert.

After the horrific events of Travis Scott’s AstroWorld Festival in 2021, artists like Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo took significant precautions to keep their fans safe during big performances.

Backstreet Boys fans on social media praised the band’s reaction, saying things like:

AJ ran offstage to cut the music so fast it was unbelievable and the guys all stopped immediately. – krazy4bsb

Kudos also to Mike (Nick’s bodyguard). He jumped the rail and ran towards this girl. And there were 2 nurses helping too until the paramedics arrived – EMS89756

Watch the dramatic moment below. The Backstreet Boys will bring their tour to Pine Knob on July 28.

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