Backstreet boys

The Backstreet Boys show at the Hollywood Bowl

The Backstreet Boys have come a long way since they first hit the stage in the 1990s.

While performing at the Hollywood Bowl earlier this week, the five-piece band surprised fans by bringing their own kids on stage. The “Backstreet babies” even performed a song with their dads!

“These are our babies. Everyone here, we all grew up together. You all have families, we have families. Thank you all for being part of the Backstreet family for 29 years, almost 30 years,” Kevin said. Richardson. to the public immediately after the performance. “Thank you very much. We love you, we appreciate you and we’ve been a little busy as you can see.”

Kevin’s sons Mason, 14, and Max, 8, joined him on stage alongside Nick Carter’s 6-year-old son Odin and 2-year-old daughter Saoirse (Nick also has a one-year-old daughter named Pearl who was clearly too young to join her siblings). Howie Dorough’s sons James, 13, and Holden, 9, also made appearances alongside AJ McLean’s daughters Ava, 9, and Lyrics, 5. group during their 2019 North American tour, was not present.

The kids helped their dads sing the song No Place, from their 2019 album DNA.

“We’re starting a whole new generation of Backstreet Boys fans. A great group,” AJ said onstage.

The group then took to Instagram to highlight the significance of the occasion. Along with photos from the concert, the band wrote, “Last night’s Hollywood Bowl show was one we will never forget. There were too many special moments to count, but one of between them was having our little Backstreet family on stage with us. Thank you to each and every one of you for making it magical.”

Fans who were on the show took to Twitter to express their joy at the surprise.

“[The Backstreet Boys] just took their kids out during No Place and I’m not crying, you’re crying,” one user wrote.

“The kids stole the whole show, it’s so beautiful to be on stage together. Until the tears flowed on their own,” another commented.

“That was awesome,” another noted.

Decades after releasing their very first album, it’s clear that the Backstreet Boys still know how to entertain fans.