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The Backstreet Boys Reflect on Their Best Beauty Looks of the Last 25 Years – Interview

Dorough: At this point we are not 20 years old. Once in a while I get a HydraFacial, use moisturizer, and use sunscreen. We’re like wine: we get better with time, but you have to massage those grapes and keep them nice, juicy, and plump.

McLean: What hell are you talking about?

Dorough: Yeah! Become juicy and plump. This is what you must do.

Littrell: I like Aveeno lotion because the skin on my face is tough, but it can also be irritated at times. I use Olaplex on my hair. I got into it seven or eight months ago, and I already have hair in places where I didn’t have any, which I think is exceptional.

Carter: I’m a big fan of Labo Santal 33. My wife sprayed it on me one day and I haven’t stopped wearing it.

McLean: I wear foundation every day; I’ve had it for years now. MAC NW30. Maybelline mascara is my number one choice for coloring my mustache and such. But what everyone knows me for is my nail polish. I’ve been wearing nail polish for 25 years now. Never in a million years would I have thought of having my own business [Ava Dean Beauty], which was inspired by my daughters. Our daddy-daughter dates are at the nail salon. It’s the best.

Littrell: If I could give my youngest one beauty tip, it would be to wear sunscreen. I actually had several cancerous spots removed from my body.

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Alastin Skin Care

Alastin HydraTint Pro Broad Spectrum Mineral Sunscreen

Richardson: Alastin’s HydraTint Pro Mineral Broad Spectrum is a tinted moisturizer, but it has
crazy sunscreen in it. As I get older, I have a bit of hyperpigmentation on my face. Never enter a tanning bed. Looking back, the tanning bed was not the way to go.

Carter: Just feel good about yourself. I have always tried to be in touch with my feminine side. Even if you are a guy, you can also be handsome. And maybe just drink a little more water.

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