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The Backstreet Boys React To Machine Gun Kelly Vomiting At Their Show – Billboard

Normally, when a fan vomits on your show, that’s not a good thing. But the Backstreet Boys learned on Wednesday (April 6) that Machine Gun Kelly did just that for a surprisingly hilarious reason.

The pop-punk rocker admitted during a recent visit to the The Kelly Clarkson Show that his physical reaction was prompted by the intensity and volume of the screaming fans as the boy band made their grand entrance on a leg of their Millennium Tour.

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“Luckily we hadn’t started singing yet,” AJ McLean joked after Clarkson told the story during the group’s appearance on his show. “So that’s not why he threw up, so that’s a good thing.” This is a good thing.”

When the host went on to describe the “different ball game” and “different frequency” of cheering that comes with the boy band’s fandom, the mostly female crowd proved their point by bursting into high-pitched adoration.

“We missed that,” Nick Carter said, responding to the audience. “It’s been two years since we played… And honestly, I feel like now, especially with the way everything is in the world, entertainment is so needed right now. Like, our work is so important to distract people from everything that’s going on, you know? »

Speaking, McLean added, “It’s a different kind of energy, and we thrive on that energy, you know? I mean, don’t get me wrong, our kids were so happy that we were home for the past two years, but… our wives were like, “You have to go back to work. Please go back to work.'”

The veteran band’s DNA World Tour returns with a bang with two special weekends of shows at The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas on April 8-9, and April 15-16.

During their appearance, the quintet also went head-to-head in a hilarious game of “Throw Me a Line,” successfully tagging — and singing — hits from boy bands like Boyz II Men and *NSYNC.

Watch a clip from the Backstreet Boys interview with Clarkson below.