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The Backstreet Boys met Texas’ favorite Buc-ee during their tour

AJ McLean stopped by the legendary Austin burger Joint Casino El Camino and Buc-ee’s during the Backstreet Boys tour of Texas.

Greg Doherty/Getty Images for Record A

Backstreet’s – I’m sorry for what I’m about to do – is back on its 2022 DNA World Tour, and one band member of course enjoyed their time in Texas. While other members of the boy band posted about how they missed their family or their fitpo pics, AJ McLean embraced the wonders of Texas – and yes, that means a mandatory stop at Buc-ee .

On June 13, the Backstreet Boys played at the Germania Insurance Amphitheater at Circuit of the Americas in Del Valle. McLean hit the only acceptable spot on Dirty Sixth, Casino El Camino. “Thank you Austin for this bomb local cuisine,” he wrote, or someone from the Boys social team. “My kind of place for sure.”

Whoever took McLean away from Hopdoddy is a true hero. Knowing that McLean is both sober (no Boilermakers) and vegan (no burgers, dang), he crossed Sixth Street to grab either the Portland Portobello or the Cheeseless Politically Correct, two veggie sandwiches with mildly pejorative names.

And with his flat-brimmed cap, oversized spec, mustache and stubble combo, and tattooed sleeves, McLean seems like either a bartender or an ex-rockabilly who still hangs out on the Casino’s back patio.

After Central Texas, the Backstreet Boys traveled to Houston The Woodlands for a concert at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. Coming out, however, McLean stopped playing games – not sorry this time – and lined him up for Buc-ee.

“Late night bus stop. First time! This place is crazy. Never seen so many jerky in my life. And bought granola. Lol,” McLean wrote.

Again, McLean got good information about Texas. He went to good Buc-ee is between Austin and Houston. If you know, you know.