Backstreet boys

The Backstreet Boys just revealed how Drake ended up performing with them in Toronto

Remember that iconic moment when Drake joined the Backstreet Boys on stage at a concert in Toronto, and everyone couldn’t believe it?

On July 2, people who attended the Backstreet Boys concert in 6ix saw a duo they didn’t know they needed and can’t live without.

Drake sang “I Want It That Way” with the boy band, and honestly, it was so heartwarming.

Even a guy as cool as Drake can’t stand not singing along to the ’90s classic with one of the most legendary boy bands of all time. But some of you may be wondering how this duo could have been born?

Kevin Richardson has all the details and was happy to share them too.

In an interview with ET Canada, Richardson told Cheryl Hickey how Drake ended up on stage with them that night, and it’s safe to say you can thank his kid.

“We went to dinner the first night in Toronto with my wife and kids,” he said. “My little one came back and said, ‘Dad, I just saw Drake,’ and I was like, ‘What?'”

Richardson’s son explained to his father that he was going to the bathroom and Drake was coming out. Rapper 6ix looked at the kid and said, “Sup.”

The Backstreet Boy said Drake asked to perform his new song at their gig, and Richardson said yes! And just like that, the iconic duo made headlines everywhere!

Hoping they do a song together. Wouldn’t it be one for books?