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The Backstreet Boys Admit ‘I Want It That Way’ Makes ‘No Sense’

The Backstreet Boys have revealed that even they can’t understand the lyrics to their hit song “I Want It That Way.”

The popular ’90s boy band appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” Tuesday night with host Andy Cohen. During a segment of the show in which people call in to ask questions, one fan asked, “In your song ‘I Want It That Way’, why do you sing ‘I never wanna hear you say /I want it like this’? How don’t you want it to be?”

The band members laughed and Cohen agreed that the fan asked a “good question”.

AJ McLean had an immediate response: “The song makes no sense.”

He added: “There was a completely different version of the song that made sense, and luckily we decided to go back to the one that didn’t make sense. I don’t think that song would have been as great as it was. ‘ she was if it made sense.”

This isn’t the first time the lyrics have been publicly questioned. The alternative newspaper LA Weekly published the article “What is the Backstreet Boys’ ‘I Want It That Way’?” in 2011. And in 2018, Chrissy Teigen wondered on Twitter“He doesn’t want to hear it because he wants it that way? He wants to be the one saying it? And what is ‘that’?”

“I don’t want to hear you guys say you want heartaches and mistakes…or be separated by 2 worlds,” the band’s official Twitter account replied, adding to the confusion. “We don’t want you to want it that way – that’s how we want it…that you don’t want it that way.”

The hit song, which turned 20 on April 12, 2019, was nominated for Song of the Year and Record of the Year at the Grammy Awards in 2000. Popular from the start, the song also managed to become a mainstay of our collective nostalgia, still played out at weddings, school balls, parties and karaoke bars.

Wondering about the alternate version of the song? Its title is “No Goodbyes” (see the video below), and the lyrics are as follows:

“No goodbye/ It’s nothing but heartache/ No more lies/ It’s nothing but a mistake/ That’s why I love it when I t ‘hear / I want it like that.”

The Backstreet Boys kick off their next tour, “DNA World Tour”, on February 20.