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The Backstreet Boys Admit ‘I Want It That Way’ Makes Absolutely No Sense

Photo Credit: Glenn Francis / CC by 2.0

The Backstreet Boys admit their hit song – “I Want It That Way” – is a lyrical pile of nonsense.

Now all five members – Nick Carter, AJ McLean, Howie Dorough, Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell – are dads. They are back together for their DNA World Tour, where they admitted the hit song makes no sense.

A fan asks, “In your song ‘I Want It That Way’, why do you sing ‘I never wanna hear you say / I want it that way?'” Ah yes, the age-old dodgy song lyrics. Fans are still asking Meat Loaf what he won’t do for love almost 50 years later.

So what don’t the Backstreet Boys want to hear? Turns out they don’t know either.

“First of all, the song doesn’t make sense,” McLean replies. “There was a completely different version of the song that made sense, and luckily we decided to go back to the one that didn’t make sense.”

Fortunately, indeed. The song “I Want It That Way” was a complete hit and was nominated for three Grammy Awards in 1999. These nominations included Song and Record of the Year.

It is often considered the band’s signature song, reaching number one on the charts in 25 countries. The song was written by Max Martin and Andreas Carlsson and is widely seen as dealing with the follies of a strained relationship.

However, China took particular interest in the song several years after it topped the charts.

In 2011, the Chinese Ministry of Culture published a list of 100 songs to be “removed from the Internet”. “I Want It That Way,” was twelve at the time, but was on the list.

The Chinese ministry says the removal of the songs is for national security purposes. The same executive order banned artists like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry for being “too vulgar”, alongside the entire hip hop genre.