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Take That’s 6 Most Historic Moments, From Their 2006 Reunion To The Jason Orange…

June 4, 2021, 2:01 p.m.

Take That lived unforgettable moments during their 30 years of life together.

Picture: Youtube

Take That had some memorable occasions throughout the band’s 30-year career.

From Robbie Williams leaving Take That in 1995, to the decade-long comeback of Gary, Mark, Jason and Howard in 2006 and the band’s lifelong performance at the closing ceremony of the Olympics in 2012, the bandmates certainly had milestones to remember.

Join us for the six best moments in the history of Take That…

  1. Take That’s amazing 1994 Beatles medley a few months before Robbie left

    If you’ve never seen the Beatles medley of Take That in their hometown of Manchester, then you’re in for a treat.

    The five boys perform a selection of classic Fab Four hits, including “Hard Day’s Night”, “I Want To Hold Your Hand”, “Hey Jude” and “She Loves You”.

    The set took place at the end of a three-night stay in Manchester as the boys embarked on their Europe pop tour.

    Shortly after the performance, Robbie Williams left the band after a growing feud with the band, embarking on a solo career in 1995.

  2. Early moments from Take That’s 2006 reunion tour

    It had been ten years since Take That fans had seen the band after their split in 1996, and the atmosphere of the first night of the Ultimate visit was electric.

    The audience was ecstatic as the opening music marked the start of Take That’s first tour in a decade and when the boys walk out the looks on their faces are priceless.

    From Jason Orange’s astonished smile to Gary Barlow slapping the air with glee, it’s obvious they missed being on stage as much as fans missed seeing them there.

    the Ultimate visit sold all 275,000 tickets in just under three hours and was a huge success, with BBC music critic Chris Long commenting that the band’s Manchester stage was “a flawless performance”.

  3. Playing with Robbie Williams in 2010 for the first time in 15 years

    Back with the band for the first time since 1995, Robbie Williams took over The X factor stage to perform ‘The Flood’.

    With Robbie and Gary Barlow on lead vocals, the song went to number two on the charts and became a huge anthem for the band.

    On the night, a nervous-looking Robbie quickly settled into his old ways with the boys – at one point he performed a classic 90s Take That dance routine with Mark Owen.

    With his new wife Ayda Field in the audience, Robbie said singing with Take That was “absolutely magical, fantastic” again.

  4. The Progress Tour 2011: The last time the five band members were together

    You know when you’ve done it when the Pet Shop Boys are your opening act, and Take That’s Progress The tour was certainly unforgettable.

    The 35 tour dates across Europe saw the five members of Take That reunite once again for a sensational performance of their greatest hits to date.

    Critics gave the band rave reviews, with Dave Simpson of Guardian saying, “Smiles and a group hug later, the band eclipsed their jaw-dropping visuals with the sight of five men performing the classic pop anthems that made them – Pray, Relight My Fire and Back For Good – and dancing and smiling like they never would have been away.”

    The reviewer added, “The quintet sang ‘Never Forget’ in front of a robot lit up so high it towered over the stadium, it felt like that near-mythical event: a once-in-a-lifetime pop experience.”

    The tour was also a huge commercial success; in the first two days after the DVD Live Progress was released, it sold “twice as much as the entire music DVD chart combined” – nearly 200,000 copies in the first two weeks alone.

  5. Last performance of Jason Orange with Take That 2012

    Having been part of Take That since the band formed in 1990 and in the quartet when the band reformed in 2005, Jason Orange’s final appearance is one fans will remember forever.

    Jason joined Mark, Howard and Gary for an incredible performance of “Rule The World” at the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics.

    The Take That boys joined Annie Lennox, George Michael and Ed Sheeran who also performed at the big concert on August 12.

    While Jason continued to be part of the band, he never performed in public again and two years after the Olympic gig, he released a statement to say he was leaving on September 24, 2014.

    “I’ve had some of the best years of my life with Take That and I want to thank everyone who has been a part of my journey, including my bandmates, who are like brothers to me,” Jason said.

    “Especially my gratitude goes to all the good and kind, beautiful and ever loyal fans of the band, without whom none of this would have been possible. Thank you.”

  6. Take That and Robbie Williams reunite for 2020 lockdown gig

    It turned out to be just what Take That fans needed to cheer up in lockdown.

    From isolation at his home in Los Angeles, Robbie Williams joined Mark, Howard and Gary for a one-off performance of the band’s greatest hits – the first time he’s joined the boys since The X factor in 2018.

    “If we can’t go to the stadium…we’ll bring the stadium to us,” Robbie Williams said in a statement before the show.

    The gig saw all four band members perform, “Pray”, “Shine”, “Never Forget”, “The Flood”, “Back For Good” and “Greatest Day” for the special show to benefit Nordoff Charities Robbins and Crew Nation.

    The concert was the first of its kind to be organized by Compare The Market’s new music company, Meerkat Music.