Take that

Take that, Elon Musk! Ford F-150 Lightning gives Tesla Model 3 a boost

There are currently more than 46,000 public electric vehicle charging stations in the United States, with a total of more than 115,000 individual charging ports (EVSE), according to the Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center.

Elon Musk’s Tesla Inc. TSLA, however, operates 16,103 superchargers at 1,826 stations worldwide; these include 908 stations in the United States, 98 in Canada, 16 in Mexico, 520 in Europe and 398 in the Asia/Pacific region.

But, Ford Motor Co. F offers Tesla (and other electric vehicles) with 4,469 additional charging stations.

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How? Each of the 4,469 F-150 Lightning all-electric trucks sold to date can charge a Tesla.

What happened: Twitter Inc. TWTR User TravelTeslaDad posted a video on the microblogging platform that shows a new Pro Power Onboard-equipped F-150 Lightning using its “shared range” to juice a Tesla Model 3 at 7 kilowatts per hour.

Ford’s optional Pro Power Onboard generator has built-in electrical outlets to power tools, electronics and appliances. It will also charge other electric vehicles using its “Share Range” feature.

Why is this important: For example, the split range can provide a Mustang Mach-E with a range of 20 miles per hour on a charge. Even if it’s not much, it will be enough to move a stuck car to safety. The F-150 Lightning with the long-lasting battery can also power a home for up to three days.

Tesla’s highly anticipated Cybertruck will rival Ford’s F-150 Lightning when production and delivery begin. Musk says the final Tesla Cybertruck design is “finally locked in” and has updated the production schedule to mid-2023.

Photo: Courtesy of ford.com and Daniel Oberhaus on flickr