Shane Lynch | Boyzone dropped plans for a reality show

Shane Lynch has revealed that Boyzone almost starred in a flying reality show on the wall.

The pop star rose to fame as a boy band in the 1990s and they have reunited several times over the years.

Shane, 46, currently stars in ‘The Real Housewives of Cheshire’ alongside his wife Sheena and he has let it slip that there are plans to create a similar group-focused show.

In an interview with new! magazine, he said, “We tried to do something (in reality TV) years ago. I don’t think you’ll see us on TV like this again.

However, there could be another show about teammate Ronan Keating’s family.

The 45-year-old star’s 23-year-old son Jack appeared on dating show ‘Love Island’ over the summer, and he recently revealed he had spoken to his influential sister Missy, 21 years, from the prospect of a Keating family series – but they would have to convince their father first.

Jack said, “I would love to do another reality show.

I just tasted it now. And after doing Love Island, I feel like I can now conquer just about anything… “Me and Missy have definitely discussed doing something like this, so we’ll see what the future holds . It’s certainly not something we would ever rule out. We would like to do something like that.

“We all had discussions around the dinner table about doing something like this and me and Missy would definitely be up for it. But he might be the hardest to crack, dad, that’s for sure.

Jack may have enjoyed his time on ‘Love Island’, but Shane admitted he would have tried to talk him out of it if he had known he had signed up.

He said: “Jack is a lovely lad and I think if I had to give him any advice I would have told him not to go on. He’s a nice boy, not that the other kids weren’t, but it’s a different kind of bravado. Jack is more collected and more focused on his career than on a life in reality TV.

Shane and Ronan were joined by Keith Duffy, 47, Mikey Graham, 50, and formerly the late Stephen Gately, who died aged 33 in 2009, in the band ‘No Matter What’.