Ronan Keating Says Boyzone ‘Should Have Ended’ After Stephen Gately’s Death

Ronan Keating has revealed he thinks Boyzone “should have ended” following the untimely death of fellow actor Stephen Gately.

Speaker on RTE 2FM (via The sun), Ronan Keating explained that Boyzone “never felt the same way” after Gately passed away from natural causes in 2009.

“For me, when Stephen died, the band should have ended. It was really the end of Boyzone,” he said.

Keating went on to say that the boy band wanted to continue performing in Gately’s memory before finally going their separate ways in 2019.

“What we did after that was something different, it wasn’t Boyzone but we thought we were doing the right thing in Stephens’ memory,” he said.

He continued, “It’s what he would have wanted and for me, it’s never been the same…I looked to my right every night on stage and he wasn’t there.”

“I felt his spirit but I didn’t feel it. I missed him too much, so I’m glad we went out on a high and showed our brother our respect and stopped him.

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Keating went on to speak of Gately’s “terrible” demise due to their close relationship.

“I can imagine what he would say to me. I can imagine the texts he would send me,” he said.

“Look, I miss him terribly, really. I think we were the sounding board for each other and he would make things very real,” he continued.

“He always told me the truth even when I didn’t want to hear it, so I miss him a lot, I really do, it’s very sad he’s not here.”

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