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Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys goes all-in with the NFTs

The Kats! As of this writing, the office is Zouk Nightclub at Resorts World Las Vegas. The event in question is the NFT Art and Music Festival Afterparty. The first conference of its kind celebrates new NFT creations, including music and digital art images and music. The show runs through Saturday night at Resorts World and Area15.

We’re here to chop pseudo Carter from street boys as he “lives mint” his first NFT digital artwork. An image of an industrial-style alien figure was projected onto the side of the tower facing the Resorts World Strip.

Carter has long researched the value of reaching new fans by making art available exclusively on digital platforms. NFTs are built on the same technology as digital currencies such as Bitcoin. Fans can access the original work (whether an image or a recording) by activating a QR code. They can also buy works of art with cryptocurrencies. It’s no small pastime. Some of these digital coins have sold for millions in the crypto market.

I asked Carter, who shot to fame with BSB in the 1990s, what his NFT foray means to his original fans.

“The message I have for our fans is this is the future, and know how non-fungible tokens and blockchain work. I educated myself for about five to six years on it,” Carter said after the launch. of its creation on the Strip. “It’s going to transform the industry. You see a lot of artists, like Snoop, embracing it. But there are many people who don’t know what it means, what it is, what it does. I say you should learn more because it’s here now.

Carter said the Backstreet Boys are collectively looking at how NFTs can benefit their touring and recording projects.

“I see a lot of benefits in using NFTs for fan club memberships,” Carter said. “That’s what I love about blockchain. It creates direct access to our fans.

As the song says, Backstreet is back at the Colosseum on April 8-9 and April 15-16. The group headlined a successful run at the Zappos Theater from 2017 to 2019.

“We’re really excited about this, it’s been two years since we’ve danced and sung and we’re just picking up,” Carter said. “It’s great to be back with Caesars Entertainment, we had one of the biggest and bestselling residencies ever in Las Vegas. It made me come here and stay, I’m still a resident of Las Vegas.

The shows at the Colosseum kick off BSB’s “DNA World Tour 2022”. The Backstreet holiday production that was scrapped last year could be revived in November or December.

“The Christmas album is done, and the show and the album were meant to go together,” Carter said. “It would be nice to do this show. (Laughs) We’ll see how tired we’ll be by then. But hey, anything is possible. It would be a great experience. We are artists and we are ready to entertain.

LightHouse goes “dark”

“Particle Ink: Speed ​​of Dark” opens April 16 at LightHouse the Arts District. The venue is at 918 Main Street, just across from The English Hotel. The project is imagined by The LightPoets, the creative minds behind the New York cabaret show “Sleep No More”, as well as former artists from Cirque and Disney Imagineering.

“Speed ​​of Dark” is expected to run for 12 weeks. The Experience is yet another ethereal described Vegas recreational amenity, similar to many facilities in Area15. The attraction is created by a break in the Particle Ink Metaverse, a blending of the virtual and physical worlds. The experience involves luring visitors into an abandoned warehouse which is a portal to the 2.5th dimension, the undiscovered zone between being asleep and awake. The characters are made of light, the guests should feel like they are walking through a graphic novel.

Particle Ink Executive Producer Cesar Hawas says, “As Las Vegas emerges as an immersive entertainment hub, it offers the perfect place to push the boundaries of art, technology, and theatricality.” OK, we’re ready to be swept away.

‘Red’ on Thursdays

In keeping with attractions in venues fashioned like posh warehouses, “Rated Red” at The Portal at Area15 has expanded its schedule. The Scorching Burlesque Show added a Thursday night show at 9 p.m. The production also plays at 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. on Fridays. Catch the great Sophia Monica, who also co-stars in “Zombie Burlesque,” a virtuous dance troupe and live band. Also screenings and cuisine by starred chef Todd English.

Get your buzz on

The St. Baldrick’s Day head shaving event returns to the (replica) Brooklyn Bridge at New York-New York’s Nine Fine Irishmen beginning at 10 a.m. Saturday. The shave lasts all evening. Celebrity razors include casts of ‘Wow’, ‘Extravaganza’, ‘Thunder From Down Under’, ‘Fantasy’, ‘Marriage Can be Murder’, ‘X Country’ and Cirque’s new show, ‘Mad Apple’. Headliners Piff the Magic Dragon, Xavier Mortimer, Farrell Dillon and Adam London are also called to appear. We host, with broadcast stars in Vegas JJ Snyder and Shawn Stormand Vegas Golden Knights announcers Katie Marie Jones and Bruce Cusick. It’s like an all-star beauty salon, where only one hairstyle is offered.

Oh Bach!

rock singer Sebastian Bach is the latest shrunken-head winner of the Golden Tiki. The former Skid Row frontman was honored Sunday after Judas Priest performed at the Zappos Theater (lots of metalheads were in town). Managing partner Branden’s Powers has rewarded over 100 little heads since the place opened in 2015, and each one scares you.

cool hang alert

The cover-rockers High Rocktane are in place on Saturday, the Spazmatics on Friday and Latin Breeze on March 26 at the Ravello Lounge of the M Resort. All shows start at 8 p.m. and end at midnight. Big room, high quality music experiences and no cover charge.

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