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Kelly Clarkson converted this Backstreet Boys track into a solo ballad – Billboard

Kelly Clarkson used her last Kellyoke on Wednesday April 6 to honor the artistry of boy band music by performing the emotional Backstreet Boys classic, “Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely.” And although the original song used five voices, the three-time Grammy winner brought the house down with just one.

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Accompanied by his band Y’all, Clarkson’s belt remained steady and solid through each repetition of the hit song’s delicate rising chorus. Its guitarist graced the Spanish-influenced melodic guitar line present throughout the boy band’s original mix, while backup vocalists occasionally stepped in to recreate the band’s trademark harmonies.

The cover came at the perfect time for both American song contest host and the Backstreet Boys, as the latter had just appeared on the daytime show of the first The Kelly Clarkson Show to promote their DNA World Tour and play a game of fill-in-the-blank: boy band lyrics edition. Clarkson’s audiences were downright thrilled to see the guys – AJ McLean, Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson – prove the host’s point that boy bands always gain a “different frequency” of cheers from their audience.

This female-fueled high frequency was at one time too much for hardcore rapper-turned-punk-rocker Machine Gun Kelly to handle – he once vomited at a Backstreet Boys gig from the loudness and overwhelming audience. public. “Luckily we hadn’t started singing yet,” McLean told Clarkson on the show. “So that’s not why he threw up, so that’s a good thing.” This is a good thing.”

Watch Kelly Clarkson return to 1999 with her cover of “Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely” below.