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It’s a “great honour” to tour with the Backstreet Boys

His star continues to rise! Delta Goodrem is already a household name Down Under, where the pop star topped the music charts, served as a coach on The Voice Australia and played Nina Tucker in Neighbors. But it’s likely the Sydney native will gain a whole new fanbase while serving as a supporting act on the street boys‘DNA World Tour.

“It’s a great honor to be part of this tour,” she said. We Weekly in an exclusive interview. “It’s my first time on a tour bus, and I’m crossing America to see every city.”

Along with traveling to the United States, Goodrem admits the highlight of this experience has been connecting with the public. “There is a very beautiful energy on the tour, forget everything that is happening outside and come in, be united in song [and] have a great night, something you will remember,” she said. “I take that on stage – I’m so grateful to get the party started, as I say.”

What surprised her the most about life on the road? “You wake up and you’re in a new city and you shower there and you go on stage in a new place,” the “Innocent Eyes” singer explains. “I worked very hard to enjoy the adventure and experience what each city is like.”

Delta Goodrem

Glenn Nutley

Of course, living on a tour bus can be exhausting. However, Goodrem – who is Revlon’s first Australian ambassador – found a way to make it work with her beauty routine. “It’s definitely an uphill day-to-day battle,” she admits, telling We she organized her beauty products in baskets to make it easier to transfer them from the bus to the venues.

However, the sweltering heat proved to be a hindrance: “When you pack your bags in winter in Australia and come to America, you think, ‘Oh, it won’t be that hot!'” the “Lost Without You” songwriter laughs. “As long as I take my makeup off, I should be fine.”

Australian pop star Delta Goodrem opens up about touring with the Backstreet Boys - and what surprised her most about life on the road

Delta Goodrem

Kinga Nowicka

Even more important than maintaining your flawless complexion is prioritizing your mental health in the midst of a grueling schedule. “You have to be really aware,” Goodrem says, noting that she always tries to balance enjoying the concert atmosphere and taking time for herself so she can bring her A-game to every performance. . “I’m working hard to make sure we all stay really happy and stay true to the course.”

Despite his busy schedule, Goodrem still finds time for philanthropy. As a cancer survivor — she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2003 when she was 18 — she recently helped launch a campaign with Revlon where $2 from every lipstick purchase is donated to her charity, the Delta Goodrem Foundation.

“I wanted to establish something concrete and be able to move forward with a purpose,” she says of the foundation she started in 2020. “We go hard and try to make a difference in the world the best we can. through music and through kindness.

Australian pop star Delta Goodrem goes on tour with the Backstreet Boys

Delta Goodrem

Glenn Nutley

And even though she’s been busy visiting different places, Goodrem is still working hard, preparing for her next Christmas special and continuing to write new songs. “It was the perfect time [for] a new era, new music and doing our best wherever we go,” she says. “Wherever the music takes us is kind of where I am right now.”

Of course, the former Australian actress always pinches herself to mark the opportunity to support one of the bands she grew up listening to. “I’m a Backstreet Boys girl too!” she gushed. “The guys have been amazing, and they’re so phenomenal on stage – it’s just so much fun.”

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