Take that

Gilmore Girls, New Kids, Kellys, Take That: what it says about you, what a fangirl you were

First of all: congratulations! If you’ve ever been a fan, you certainly have passion and love in your blood. But WHAT got you so excited also says a lot. Oh yes.

by Marie Stadler

1. New kids on the blocks

Say what you want about NKOTB, but they were fucking pioneers. Exactly like you! You were one of the first to join a boy band. What does that say about you? That you clearly have a flair for trends and aren’t too uptight. Then the guys were just a marketing experiment. So what? At least they were one that gave you goosebumps all over your body. And Joey, oh Joey…good Joey…SCHMACHT!

2. GZSZ, forbidden love and among us

Dear actors, you are ashamed of the start of your career in VL, Marienhof, Unter Uns et Cie: don’t do it! You have enriched the lives of so many people. Which people exactly? By those who love drama. Of those who like to dream. And by those who love themselves with all their rough edges, because they know rough edges are what make people interesting. YES!

3. Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC

Everybooooodyyyy, yeaaahhh… and then weeeeeiiiiteeeer, yeeeeeaaaah! Anyone who hasn’t at least secretly celebrated the Backstreet Boys or *NSync for their catchy tunes really can’t be helped. BackstreetBoy and *NSync fans really can’t be lumped together. There are worlds between Nick fans and Brian fans. Between Kevin fans and Justin fans at least one universe. What connects you all? you are a woman We really can’t say more than that.

4. Take That

Congratulations, you discovered Robbie Williams before the world knew how cool he was! In return, it now saves the image of your teenage self. No boy band can be declared a passion of the past with such a clear conscience as Take That. Robbie then makes Take That socially acceptable, so to speak. What does it say about you being a fan from the start? You are a very romantic person and you believe not only in true love but also in true bromance! That makes you a very optimistic man! CHECK!

5. The Beatles or Elvis

If you were already into the Beatles or Elvis in the 60s or 70s, then you are one of the really cool socks! Thank you for taking to the streets for all that benefits today’s youth! You’ve been a rebellious girl from the very beginning, a trailblazer showing trailblazers the way. You will live high! you will live long! Or just forever like your idols! …And sorry for confusing Elvis and the Beatles. That’s not really how it should be! You are right!

6. Gilmore Girls

Rory and Lorelei won your heart? First of all, congratulations on the many hours of excellent quality of life, because one can only be happy watching Gilmore Girls. It’s no coincidence that you like the two girls full of life. Gilmore Girl fans are big idealists. You dream of a Stars Hollow world, you understand the craziest people (even Taylor) and you make the world more colorful, fun and real! How good that you exist!

7. Kelly Family

Kelly fans have always needed thick skin. No, it wasn’t always easy being a member of the well-known family by choice. And even though at least Joey, Paddy and Maite have crawled a long way in the direction of cool on the uncool scale, coming out as an ex-Kelly fan still feels like an “I would have voted Trump” statement. . The really good news for old, new and longtime Kelly fans is this: you are the most loyal people alive. When you love, then without compromise. You stand with your people! And yes, you can be proud of it!

8.Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson – the epitome of artistic eccentricity, personified extravagance wrapped in diaphanous fragility. This man made a strong impression, especially on you. Why? Mediocrity is not your thing, you are attracted to the extraordinary. And you’re definitely not 08-15 either. That’s a good thing, because it’s the slightly different people who change the world. Just like Michael. Oh man, we all miss him.


Anyone who thinks Tokio Hotel came out of nowhere has probably forgotten REAL. The school band from Flensburg challenged all bands gathered in the 90s with real handmade music and made good German lyrics socially acceptable on the charts. Former ECHT fans are now down-to-earth adults with clear minds and a head they’re happy to use to think things through. After all, even 20 years ago they did not shy away from dealing with sociocritical and deep texts. By the way, if you REALLY miss it, you can fix it. Florian Sump, the drummer at the time, can still be seen on stage. We just interviewed him recently (yes, be jealous, it was great!). Here is the interview.

10. Nirvana

You are enviable! If we (the rest of the world) had known at the time how incredibly well-received the phrase “I was a Nirvana fan” was, we would have immediately joined the fan base purely for image reasons. But not everyone has the same music and lifestyle as you. Yeah man, you deserved all fangirl gold, you were a fucking Nirvana fan. And while Kurt Cobain might not have been the best role model in some things, he was as much of himself as he could be. And that’s why there are no inauthentic Nirvana fans. You learned from the master and any player who claims to have been a Nirvana fan is lying. Nirvana fans are not gamers. Nirvana fans are themselves! And they certainly don’t do anything for image reasons.