Take that

General Hospita’s Maurice Benard warns fans to ‘take it back’

There’s not liking a script, and then there’s just being mean.

It is perhaps the millennial understatement to say that general hospital fans are divided on the Sonny and Nina couple. Some adore the couple and the way of working with the character of Cynthia Watros allows Maurice Benard to show another side of Sonny. Others hate “Sona” and mourn the day the ABC soap opera broke Laura Wright’s Don and Carly — and they’re not shy about speaking out.

The reaction of “Carson” fans to “Sona” is illustrated.

Credit: ABC screenshot (4)

A viewer was so upset that he sent Benard a tweet suggesting that Sonny should have died in that fire at Tan-O. The actor took the dig in stride but, knowing others wouldn’t, issued a warning. “Oh my god you better take that down before my fans get mad,” he replied.

The Emmy winner also took a moment to point out that the end of “Carson” didn’t mean the end of his commitment to killing him on the soundstage every day. “Just because I’m not with the one you want doesn’t mean I’m breaking my ass trying to do the best job of my life. But I still love you,” her blowing kiss emoji suggested.

Luckily, in recent days, Benard has also been able to fill his social media with sweeter content, like a certain dance party he had with his adorable grandchild. (Watch them in action here.)

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