Take that

Gary Barlow | Gary Barlow trains five days a week for the Take That tour

Gary Barlow trains five days a week to prepare for the next Take That tour.

The 51-year-old singer wants to be in peak physical condition as he hits the road with bandmates Howard Donald and Mark Owen for the first time since 2019.

He told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column: “Training for a tour, I’ll be doing four to five sessions a week.

“It’s mostly cardio-based, just because you sing while you move, so you need good cardio.

“I think as I get older I need to train more.”

Gary also revealed that he swears by cold water therapy.

He said: “I’ve been doing it for quite a few years. Years ago I retired. I did ibuprofen, pain relief, stretching, yoga. And I just to run into a friend of mine who was with this alternative medicine doctor.

“I was talking to him about it and he was like, ‘It’s just a muscle problem that you can fix with cold water.’

“I did it for two days and haven’t taken ibuprofen since.

“He was explaining to me that basically you shock your system, all the blood goes to your heart and then it goes and the inflammation is what most of us carry and it just goes through it. .

“You can try the bath. You just have to fill your bath with cold water and take a tub of ice and stick it in there, let it sit for ten minutes.”