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Gary Barlow directs Take That Takeover from Cannes for Greatest Days movie – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Take That hhttps://deadline.com/wp-admin/edit.phpeartthrobs Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen are preparing to conquer Cannes on Wednesday, the first time they have visited during the film festival. Pray for the sun to shine and for it to be their greatest day.

Fans of the (now middle-aged) boy band will know that Pray, Shine and Greatest Day are some of the band’s biggest hits. It looks like they wrote A Million Love Songs (that’s another one) that have stood the test of time since their formation over three decades ago.

The remaining three members of the group – Robbie Williams and Jason Orange doing their own thing – will throw their fashionable sneakers on the Majestic Pier to kick off the film’s exuberant promo The best days, about a 1990s boy band inspired by Take That and the lives of five 16-year-old girls who are obsessed with it. The women are reunited 25 years later, still hoping to fulfill their dream of meeting their pop star heroes.

The best days is packed full of Take That chart toppers, many penned by Barlow who enjoyed a solo career away from his bandmates writing songs for movies and TV productions. He toured the UK with his poignant one-man show A different step.

The best days is still touring with director Coky Giedroyc in Lancashire and Athens.

The film is based on the 2017 show The Band, written by Tim Firth (Schedule Girls), and produced by David Pugh and Dafydd Rogers. Barlow, Donald and Owen served as executive producers, along with Robbie Williams.

Firth noted that The Band and Greatest Days were about the fans. “These songs transport these fans. They feel like the songs were written for them personally and sung to them directly,” he told this reporter.

“Never underestimate the power of song,” he added.

Barlow also understands this close connection between the performer and the fans. “It is important not to take them for granted. Always remember they can stop buying your music,” he said.

Take That has enjoyed acclaim in the UK and across Europe for thirty years. Danny Perkins, whose Elysian Film Group edited the film, hopes fans will flock to Cannes to show their love and appreciation for Barlow, Donald and Owen.

It had been a while since Cannes had seen a pop mania exhibition. The Spice Girls sparked a pinch of interest in 1997 when a movie seriously too spicy Spice-the movie Was launched. Probably the most successful rock star takeover came in 1991, when Madonna and her entourage flooded the area with documentaries Truth or Dare.

No main actor The best days are available to attend Cannes due to the film’s shooting schedule.

The cast includes Aisling Bea (This way At the top), Alice Lowe (Black shimmer), Amaka Okafor (the Respondent), and Jayde Adams (Serious black sweater).

The boys in the group are played by newcomers Aaron Bryan, Dalvin Cory, Joshua Jung, Mark Samaras and Mervin Noronha. They are signed for The best days nearly two years ago, during this time, they were trained in choreography by renowned choreographer and theater director, Drew McOnie. The execution of the dance numbers featured in the promotional reel that will be presented to buyers on Wednesday is sublime.

Jonathan Kier, president of Bron Releasing will join Danny Perkins and the guys from Take That on Wednesday. Maybe they’ll sing a chorus from the 1993 hit, Everything Changes.