Former Boyzone star Shane Lynch says he’s leaving show business for good

The star adds that the only TV show he will appear on in the future is ‘The Real Housewives Of Cheshire’ alongside his wife Sheena as she focuses on her real life now.

“Over the last year or so, I’ve made an active decision to leave the industry altogether, whether it’s music or television,” he told New magazine.

“The only thing you’ll see me do is be real housewives because that’s part of our lives and they’ve come into our house and it’s all genuine.

“I happen to be one of them, but my professional life has reached a whole new level and I’m happy about that.”

Shane (46) joined Boyzone in November 1993 and played his last gig with the band nearly three years ago when they decided to go their separate ways.

In 2014, Shane forged a business partnership with Northern Irish businessmen Dwaine Smyth and Michael Dowall and opened a chain of 1920s Prohibition-inspired hair salons known as The Elk & Clip. There are currently three outlets in Northern Ireland with further expansion plans in the future

The singer and his wife Sheena now own an Irish bar in Cheshire called D13, named after the Dublin area Shane grew up in.

When asked why he decided to leave showbiz, he replies, “The entertainment industry is very character-based and I often don’t like the character I play in those situations.

“We moved to Cheshire for business, which is why Sheena ended up on the show, and I’m okay with that.

“I’m happy to just focus on the businesses we have running. We have about five or six. I can’t afford to go on tour for two months. It just doesn’t fit into my life.

Shane married actress and backing vocalist Sheena in Ireland in 2007 and the couple have two daughters.

“We’re always moving forward,” Shane says of their relationship.

“I always come home with new ideas and Sheena has always been an incredible supporter of all of my businesses. Without her, I couldn’t do it.

“We constantly work together as business partners and also as a couple. I’m dyslexic so Sheena is my right arm. She answers all my emails. She does everything I can’t do.

The pair joined the ITV reality show last year, and Shane reveals Ronan Keating is a huge fan.

“I think Ronan is the biggest fan of the show,” he says. “He calls me after every episode and asks me everything.”

He laughs when asked if there might be a Real Housewives of Boyzone spin-off.

“We tried to do something years ago,” he reveals. “I don’t think you’ll see us on TV like this again.”

Shane appeared on the celebrity version of Love Island in 2006 and admits he had no idea Ronan’s son Jack was on that year’s show.

“You’re not allowed to tell anyone when you’re on a show like this and he kept quiet,” he points out.

“Jack is a lovely boy and I think if I had to give him any advice, I would have told him not to continue!

“He’s such a nice guy, not that the other guys weren’t, but it’s a different kind of bravado. Jack is more collected and more focused on his career than a life on reality TV.