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Delta Goodrem Talks Touring With The Backstreet Boys, Covering Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ & More

Australian singer-songwriter Delta Goodrem reveals how “fate” brought her to America as a direct support act for the Backstreet Boys: DNA World Tour.

Just weeks before his stint on this tour ended, Goodrem caught up musical chaos to share how she went from fan to tour-mate, the importance of philanthropy in her life, and spending nearly a decade as a judge/mentor on The Voice Australia.

In 2021, the Sony artist earned his fifth #1 album with the release of his latest project, Bridge over troubled dreams, which was also the title of her headlining tour and her first book. This success comes 18 years after his first album, innocent eyeswas named one of the best-selling debut albums in Australian history.

“I think because I produced it and wrote it and every little thing, like hearing the pedal move in the music, that particular album, I just wanted to get back to basics and be at my piano, be a storyteller and write about experiences that bring hope,” she shared. “I had a book that came with it and it was just about going deeper and being very literal in the music. I’m very proud of it and loved seeing people bring it home.

The opportunity to come to America for the DNA World Tour was a “natural progression” for Goodrem as she had just completed her Australian tour before hitting the road again.

“Finally, after we finished our sold-out shows, we were like, ‘Let’s take this show on the road. As fate would have it, there was an opening there and we were like, ‘let’s go, take it.’ So all the Aussies came with me,” she said musical chaos.

Delta Goodrem admits she’s ‘really grateful’ to be on tour with the Backstreet Boys

The opening of the Backstreet Boys was nothing short of a good time for the award-winning powerhouse. She took advantage of this experience to introduce her music to new fans and reconnect with those who have followed her since the beginning of her brilliant career.

“It’s been so much fun. What an absolutely fantastic tour to be on because people want to come to the show and they want to have a euphoric time of songs they’ve known their whole lives and sing along. So when I come over early, I’m like, let’s get the party started.

Goodrem and his band had the challenge of cutting their two and a half hour set down to just 30 minutes, but the stress of making those tough decisions was ultimately worth it.

“We’re all going, ‘wait, I want this song, I want this song,’ but we had an absolute blast traveling across America, seeing people I didn’t see throughout the release of the music for a long time. It was just wonderful.

She added: “It’s a huge difference, obviously, from Australia to here, but that’s what I love about it.”

Getting to know the members of the Backstreet Boys has been “incredibly positive”, according to Goodrem. Together they supported each other, shared many “wonderful conversations” and even discussed where they should go when visiting Australia.

“I’m really, really grateful to be able to be a part of this music,” Goodrem said of all the times she watched and sang along to the band’s nostalgic spectacle in the various venues.

Delta’s Cover of Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ Is Epic Live

One song in particular that has been added to her touring set is her cover of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill”. Goodrem coached on The Voice Australia for nine years and decided to perform this booming track with its artist as its final song. Since being performed on the singing competition show in 2020 with contestant Stellar, the song has seen a resurgence in popularity due to its prominent role on the TV show, stranger things.

“It was phenomenal, I’m so grateful,” she exclaimed before adding, “When we did it, it was such a special release.”

Be certain The voice from the start has taught the “Born to Try” singer so many life lessons from both the contestants and the coaches who work alongside her.

“All my dreams as artists come true and I think that hits me every year because I want everybody’s dreams to come true. You get on stage and I’m like, ‘Let’s make this happen. ‘ »

She added, “I’m always proud of myself on this show because I want them to have the best experience possible so they come away so proud of themselves. I have always worked hard for the show and for the artists and the people. I liked it. This is a wonderful chapter in my life.

Delta Goodrem has started its own foundation to help people through their cancer journey

Through everything she does in her life and career, whether mentoring other artists or growing as an artist herself, Goodrem is driven by passion. It’s the driving force that helps her overcome the obstacles that come her way, including her diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2003, at just 18 years old.

This part of her life led her to start her own charity, the Delta Goodrem Foundation, to help people through their cancer journey. In 2022, she was named the first-ever Australian ambassador for global cosmetics company Revlon and as part of their recently launched ‘Look Good, Feel Better’ campaign for every lipstick people buy from Revlon. this month, $2 is donated to Goodrem Foundation.

“It’s phenomenal. They are the best selling lipstick in Australia. And I’ll tell you what, I don’t know what I would do without my gigantic Revlon bag that comes with me to do my hair and makeup on the show. Before I left, I was like, ‘Okay, let’s be clear on this, I need a huge makeup bag,’ she said with a laugh.

Goodrem’s time on the road with the Backstreet Boys will end on July 30 in St. Louis, MI.

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