Boyzone star Shane Lynch reveals he’s quitting showbiz

BOYZONE star Shane Lynch has announced that he is leaving showbusiness.

The Dubliner has said he won’t be making any more television or music appearances.


Shane Lynch leaves show businessCredit: Getty – Contributor
Shane will still be featured on Real Housewives with his wife Sheena


Shane will still be featured on Real Housewives with his wife SheenaCredit: Getty Images

However, he will continue to feature on the Real Housewives of Cheshire alongside his wife Sheena.

The singer explained that it was because he thought the show followed his real life.

Speaking to New magazine, he said: “Over the last year or so I have made an active decision to leave the industry altogether, whether it be music or television.

“The only thing you’ll see me do is be real housewives because that’s part of our lives and they’ve come into our house and it’s all genuine.

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“I happen to be one of them, but my professional life has reached a whole new level and I’m happy about that.”

She recently opened an Irish pub in Cheshire called D13 and also owns a number of hair salons known as Elk and Clipper.

Shane, 46, added that touring with Boyzone no longer fits his lifestyle.

He said: “The entertainment industry is very character-based and I often don’t like the character I’m playing in these situations.

“We moved to Cheshire for business, which is why Sheena ended up on the show, and I’m okay with that.

“I’m happy to just focus on the companies we run. We have about five or six. I can’t afford to go on tour for two months. It just doesn’t fit my life.”


This comes after Shane previously explained that Boyzone were all “crazy boozers” in their heyday – contrary to their stripped down image.

The singer admitted the Picture of You hitmakers drank early in the morning, using it as a form of ‘escapism’.

The 46-year-old said he never had an interest in drugs but relied heavily on alcohol to cope with the pressures of fame at such a young age.


The group – consisting of Ronan Keating, 45, Keith Duffy, 47, Michael Graham, 50, and Stephen Gately, who died in 2009 of an undiagnosed heart condition aged 33 – were all teenagers and in their early twenties when they became overnight. stars.

Speaking on the Podcast Everything’s Alright, the Dubliner said: “We were crazy drunks. All of us Irish Boyzone boys were booze based.

“We were young, we were children. We were doing a product called Boyzone.

“But behind the scenes, in the dark halls of the mind, that’s where it all started to fall apart.

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“I think it’s different in British culture, and maybe in global culture, but I’ve never come from a drug background. I never did, and I never really liked it.

“[But] I like a gargle, and I like a party. I like alcohol. I loved to drink from 11am til that’s one clock…every day. Escape, as they say.

Boyzone's Michael Graham, Ronan Keating, Shane Lynch and Keith Duffy


Boyzone’s Michael Graham, Ronan Keating, Shane Lynch and Keith DuffyCredit: Getty – Contributor