Boyzone star Ronan Keating fights back tears as he remembers his late mum 24 years after her death

BOYZONE star Ronan Keating held back tears as he remembered his late mother 24 years after her death.

Marie Keating tragically died of breast cancer at the age of 51.


Ronan held back tears as he remembered his last mumCredit: Instagram
Ronan with his late mother Marie


Ronan with his late mother Marie

Taking to Instagram, Ronan explained that he wanted to share what he was going through on the anniversary of his death for people who might be going through the same thing.

He said: ‘I often look on social media and wonder ‘why do people post such private things?

“And I think after the day I had today, I think it’s because it’s nice to share and because it makes you feel like other people understand what you’re going through.

“It got me thinking about what I’m going through today. I lost my mum 24 years ago today.

“My family and I went through the most horrible, horrible situation, losing our mother.”

Ronan praised his mother, calling her a legend.

He said in the poignant clip: “Marie Keating. She died 24 years ago. She was 51. She died of cancer.

“She was our best friend. She was a legend, she was as cool as can be. The best mom.

“She never met her grandchildren, well most of them.

“She has so many amazing grandchildren and it’s heartbreaking that she never got to meet them.

“I wonder about the conversation I would have with my mother today about my children, about my life.

“There are so many things in the 24 years that I have been through and done that I would like to share with mum.


“Also to have — when your mom hugs you and says, ‘It’s gonna be okay’ — that feeling.

“I don’t understand that anymore and there’s no such thing as that feeling.

“When you’re going through a rough patch and your mum says, ‘it’s gonna be okay,’ well you think it’s gonna be okay. That’s what happens.”

Ronan also raised awareness about the disease and urged his fans to listen to their bodies.

He said: “One message would be to watch out for your body. Cancer is such a horrible disease and early detection is your best chance of survival.

“Mom died of one of the most curable forms of breast cancer, which is heartbreaking.

“But today there’s a 98% success rate, a survival rate when it comes to this cancer, which is fantastic. Thank goodness.”


The Boyzone star had tears in his eyes thinking about the conversation he would have with Marie today and acted it out.

He said: “So I think about the conversations I would have with her now about the kids. Some of them have grown so much.

“Jack is 22, Missy is 20, she’s in Dancing With The Stars and Ali loves her riding and Jack loves his rugby.

“Coops is a little legend and Coco is a rascal. They are beautiful children, they are magnificent mothers.

“Stormy is amazing. Thank you for putting her in my life. I miss you and love you.”

Ronan with his wife Storm and children Missy, Jack, Cooper and Coco


Ronan with his wife Storm and children Missy, Jack, Cooper and Coco