Boyzone star Keith Duffy pays touching tribute to his late father Sean

Sean Duffy sadly passed away at Connolly Hospital in Blanchardstown in January this year with his wife Pat and three sons by his side.

The Boyzone singer’s father took to Instagram this week to share a thoughtful tribute honoring his late father on his birthday.

The 47-year-old wrote: “Today would have been my father’s 77th birthday. Today I celebrate my father’s life, his wisdom, his guidance and his love. No tears except those of appreciation and joy to be his son.

“Dad, I miss you, but I know you are with me everyday. I hope you are smiling and partying in heaven,” he added.

Along with the caption, Keith posted a photo of himself beaming as he spent time with his son Jay and his late father Sean.

The star’s friends and fans flocked to the comments of her latest post, sharing their love and sending their best wishes on this difficult occasion.

“Happy heavenly birthday to your dad, I’m sure he’s celebrating in style up there with Steo,” one fan wrote.

“Keith, I love this picture of you, your son and your dad! Grab him a whiskey today sweetie! a second follower commented.

“I’m thinking of you today. The first without them is always the hardest. Your dad would be so proud of you no doubt. Happy birthday heavenly X,’ a third shared.

Just weeks before his death, Keith revealed how his beloved father, Sean, still guided him as a singer.

Keith, who now plays with former Westlife star Brian McFadden in their hit band, Boyzlife, shared how his father guided him on his vocals as he recorded the duo’s new album.

At his funeral, Keith recounted how he had looked up to his father all his life.

He talked about their shared passion for music and how seeing his father sing and perform when he was growing up sowed the seeds for the remarkable life he would later enjoy in show business.

“I remember watching my dad play when I was very young,” Keith said. “That’s all I wanted to do. He helped me and we sang together…and many times he tried to talk me out of it. It was a passion I had, and I wanted it. achieve and he stood behind me. He gave me the confidence to move forward.”

In a Boyzone podcast, Thanks for the Memories just a week before Christmas, Keith revealed how Sean had been involved in the recording of Boyzlife’s new album titled Old School.

“I was a lot more of a back part of Boyzone,” Keith says. “I certainly haven’t done as many lead vocals as I do now, and for me to be in the studio up front doing all the lead roles with Brian is very, very exciting.

“I don’t have Brian’s experience, so I need a bit more time to warm up, get a feel for things, put my own stamp on it and find my way.

“But when you find your way and get into a beat and hear songs, you get really excited. I’m excited not only for the fans to hear the music, but my family is made up of musicians.

“I’m glad my dad listens to the songs. My dad is a great musician and a great singer, and a very honest man. A very, very honest man…so if you’re looking for compliments, don’t be playing him everything what you don’t find great.

“I know I’ll always get honest feedback from him. His feedback is very constructive, not just ‘I don’t like it, or it’s crap.’ He’ll come back and say, ‘Well look, it could be better’ or ‘you fell here, you’re a little flat here, you could probably talk about it a little here’…it’s very constructive.

“And I would relay his constructive criticism around the studio, and the producer and the engineer would consider his point of view, and try to correct it. And then I’ll do some other work on it, I’ll send my dad another demo, and then my dad will say, ‘Yeah, I like what you did there, fair play to you, you nailed that role’… and that just gives you confidence then.

“If your worst critic is a man giving you advice and he’s happy with what he’s listening to, then you must be onto a good thing. The new album is amazing. Brian and I wrote it all, it’s is a very 80s vibe, we love the 80s.”

Keith revealed how he was devastated by the loss of his father who he had such a close bond with

In his eulogy, Keith said it was “appalling” when his father was first diagnosed with cancer 18 years ago.

“We’re all going to go there one day and it’s never going to be nice, but for 18 years my dad fought cancer,” he said.

“And he fought him, and he kept beating him, which is pretty incredible. But, unfortunately, he came back and he beat him four times.”

The Wednesday before Christmas, Sean got the results of his last PET scan.

Keith recalled, “His oncologist turned to him and said, ‘Wow, Sean, you’re amazing…18 years later and yet again you’re in remission, you’re a fighter.'”

However, he said his father had been “punch” over the New Year and was “overpowered by the” three adversaries he had to fight at the same time, namely pneumonia, fibrosis and Covid.

Keith said Sean fought hard until the end. “I watched the man I always considered a hero fight not for himself but for us, to try to stay for his grandchildren, he didn’t want to go anywhere.”

After five days, Sean’s family asked him to stop fighting because he had done enough and “maybe it was time to rest”.

The devoted husband, father and grandfather then passed away peacefully surrounded by his loving family.