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Backstreet Boys star says Spears deserves her own life

Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean said he was “thrilled” for Britney Spears, but the end of her conservatorship should have come sooner.

The 44-year-old said the controversial arrangement, which controlled many aspects of Spears’ life, including her finances, prevented her from accessing the things she had worked hard for.

Spears was released from the arrangement after nearly 14 years in November.

McLean, who previously expressed his support for the pop superstar, said: “I’m thrilled for her. It’s been a long time coming and she deserves to be free. And she deserves to live her own life.

“She’s a human being. She’s a mother. She deserves to live the life she chose to lead. No one should be held back from living the life they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

“She earned everything she owns. She did it. Nobody else did.”

McLean, who formed the Backstreet Boys with Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell, recalled receiving the news in November.

AJ Mcclean

The decision to end her conservatorship closed one of the most controversial chapters in modern pop music history and handed Spears the keys to her estimated $60 million estate.

He said: “When I heard the news, I was literally in the studio with a friend of mine and my phone was exploding and I was like, ‘What’s going on? And when I saw it, I said to myself: “Yes, thank God. Good for her”.

“It sucks it took this long and it shouldn’t have. But she has such a great support team. Her fans love her.

“She has people like us who have been in the industry and have been family and friends for years. And we’ve all been supportive of her. And I’m really, really happy for her.”

The Backstreet Boys rehearsed in Las Vegas ahead of their postponed DNA World Tour.

McLean said the band had “reconnected” after the lockdown disrupted their original touring plans two years ago.

He said: “When we got together in Los Angeles about two weeks ago to do some preliminary rehearsals to dust off the cobwebs and get things back on track, it was awesome.

“It was like I hadn’t seen the guys in 10 years. We were all hugging and laughing.

“Now that we’re here in Las Vegas, we have this little crew. It’s me, Howie and Brian, we go to dinner every night, trying new foods.

“We kind of call ourselves the steak house team because we’ve done a lot of steak house. We did Italian a few nights ago.

“It’s been really fun. It’s been a great thing to bond and reconnect and stuff, so it’s been awesome. The whole morale is really, really up.”

The band, formed in Orlando, Florida in 1993, were one of the biggest bands of the decade, selling millions of records worldwide with hits such as I Want It That Way, Everybody and As Long As. Tu m’aimes.

Source: Press Association

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