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Backstreet Boys at the Toyota Amphitheater in Wheatland, CA

The Backstreet Boys DNA World Tour stopped in Wheatland, Calif., and filled the Toyota Amphitheater with lifelong loyal fans.

You have probably heard of the street boys at some point in your life. It’s almost impossible to escape them with their old hits that still grace radio station playlists to this day. Recently, Google and Samsung featured singer Addison Rae in an ad humming the melody of a Backstreet Boys song into her Galaxy phone to play on her Samsung TV. After nearly 30 years, the Backstreet Boys are still major players in today’s music scene, still releasing albums and can still fill arenas of adoring fans around the world.

The Backstreet Boys are five guys from Orlando, Florida who banded together in 1993 and quickly rose to fame as one of the most prolific boy bands of our generation. Band members Kevin Richardson, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, AJ McLean and Brian Littrell have sold over 100 million records worldwide, cementing their place as the best-selling boy band of all time, rivaling similar bands such as *N Sync, Boyz II Men and New Kids on the Block.

The Toyota Amphitheater in Wheatland, Calif., was packed to the back lawn, filled with adoring fans all there to see their favorite band that topped the charts in the late 90s and early 2000s. a chilly summer evening but the energy of the crowd was palpable. Now-adult fans gripped White Claws and other booze in their hands as they shouted and danced to a setlist of their favorite songs. The band itself noted the ages of their fans and how they grew up with them on the road. They thanked fans for their lifetime loyalty which allows them to continue performing to packed crowds on their world tour. Opening with “Everyone” and ending with “Larger Than Life”, (both songs tribute to their fans), the Backstreet Boys recognized that the success of their career could be largely attributed to their fan base and that they would not be where they are. today without the continued support of their fans.

Despite band member Brian Littrell’s difficult vocals, the band proved they still belonged on the world stage by performing “Breathe”, an acapella song from their latest album. DNA who have shown their capacity for harmonization. The Backstreet Boys’ classic hype song “Everybody,” from their self-titled debut album, left no fan in their shoes as the entire amphitheater leapt to the recognizable beat.

Even with the youngest member of the group, Nick Carter, aged over 40, the Backstreet Boys still put on an energetic show of nearly two hours of song and dance. The non-stop choreography is impressive, to say the least, and the number of recognizable hits is a testament to the 30 years the band has endured and continues to roll.


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