Backstreet boys

Backstreet Boys’ AJ McLean shared his beard

The musician recently decided to shave off the facial hair he’s legitimately had since the ’90s, teasing the transformation on Instagram.

George De Sota/Getty Images

AJ casually showed off his clean-shaven face in a video alongside his daughters, asking them what they thought about “no beard.”

“You look like a naked fish,” her daughter Lyric hilariously replied.

Axelle/FilmMagic, /Via Getty Images

After the video drew strong reactions from fans, AJ took to his followers to let them know it was only temporary.

Kurt Krieger – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

“Had to do it! Don’t worry y’all. He’ll be back in a month,” AJ captioned a series of selfies showing his beardless face.

Why this “had to be done” is unclear, but what is obvious is that he looks like a totally different person!

AJ appears to be thriving with his new look, showing it off while thanking fans for putting “I Want It That Way” on TikTok.

Only time will tell the reasoning behind AJ’s clean-shaven face – but if you ask his daughter, she’s probably crossing her fingers that the beard will grow back fast!