Backstreet boys

Backstreet Boys’ AJ McLean and DJ Lux Release AJ’s New Single “SMOKE”

Backstreet Boy, new artist from AJ Mclean and WEG and Billboard Record Charter DJ Lux will debut AJ’s new single “SMOKE”. The two are the founders of the ATCK musical collaboration, All The Cool Kids, and release their latest records featuring impressive artists globally.

Coming to Stereo Garden in Patchogue, NY on July 15, the duo will perform their new music, including the debut of AJ’s new hit single – ‘SMOKE’. Not only is this an exclusive opportunity, but the two artists will also be offering VIP experiences and meet and greets for their fans.

Upcoming performances will feature new songs from AJ Mclean and DJ Lux. The latest single, “Little Heartbreaker” by DJ Lux featuring Aaron Space, is a first record leap starting Lux’s new career where he previously worked behind the scenes with artists including Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Bruno Mars. AJ Mclean, known for his successful career in the Backstreet Boys and his sensual voice, will perform his brand new solo discography.

The two reunited for a new EDM-centric live show full of fast-paced hype, blinding lights, and unabashed excitement. Their performances don’t stop there, DJ Lux also opens for the Backstreet Boys summer tour while performing alongside AJ Mclean for their solo shows.