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Ambulances called when ‘hysteria’ hit Stockton at Take That concert in 1992

Some parents claimed ‘some little kids had to be dragged’ when boy mania hit town

Hysteria hit the streets of Stockton nearly 30 years ago when hundreds of screaming girls gathered to catch a glimpse of pop heartthrobs Take That.

Although the enthusiastic fans gathering at the arrival of the then-promising boy band eventually became quite common as the band’s popularity skyrocketed in the 90s, things got a bit out of hand that night. been in the city. Ambulance crews were called to the mall four times to transport seven young girls to hospital after being overwhelmed by what the Evening Gazette described as ‘heat and hysteria’ in a front-page story the next day.

Around 1,100 fans reportedly turned out on June 30, 1992, as the band drove fans wild when they took the stage. Stockton Police Chief Superintendent Dave Earnshaw told the newspaper there were minor issues outside caused by the number of people trying to see the show.

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He said: “We haven’t had any issues with the numbers inside the club. There have been some minor issues with the numbers but the club management will be looking for another way to handle the next gig. was a learning exercise for them.”

Some parents claimed the gig was badly organised, with one saying it was ‘awful’, adding: ‘Children were pushing all over the place and some young children had to be dragged out. The doormen obviously didn’t know how to get out of it and some young people were really scared – the organization was abysmal the parents were asking someone to do something but we were just ignored.

However, club owner Javed Ahmed hit back at the criticism, saying everything was done to ensure the event ran smoothly. The club’s capacity has been reduced by around 400 to ensure a safe evening. Mr Ahmed said: “It was a deliberate ploy to reduce capacity. If we were greedy people, we would have let in a lot more young people and risked the consequences.”

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