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All about the Backstreet Boys singer and his future career

Nick Carter is an American singer best known for his role in the boy band The Backstreet Boys. Starting out with the group at the tender age of 13, he became the youngest and later one of the best known members.

Originally playing with the band, then later on his own, he made a successful career out of his performances. Whether you knew him as a member of a boy band or as a later solo artist, most people can agree that he truly is one of the most influential artists of his time.

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How old is Nick Carter

Nickolas Gene Carter was born on January 28, 1980 to Jane Elizabeth and Robert Gene Carter in Jamestown, New York. He was an only child until he was about four years old, and his family moved to Ruskin, Florida.

This is where Nick Carter’s siblings were born, and he started singing, dancing and performing for commercials and various other things. It was his parents’ support that later led to him becoming the third member of the Backstreet Boys.

Today, the 42-year-old singer, dancer and actor lives on the West Coast with his wife and three children.

Nick Carter performing in 2005. Photo by Joel Telling.

How tall is Nick Carter

While most people are familiar with Nick Carter’s super blonde hair and deep blue eyes, it’s unclear that this former boy band member is around 6 feet tall.

Interestingly, Nick Carter’s wife is said to be around 5’11”, making them the perfect couple. If there’s any doubt their kids will grow up, Nick and Lauren are living proof that they most likely will.

Nick Carter’s Family Life

It was at a party at his house that Nick met the love of his life, Lauren Kitt, who is a YouTuber famous for her fitness videos. The couple dated for five years before becoming engaged and then married in Santa Barbara, California.

After a devastating miscarriage, Lauren and Nick Carter’s baby, Odin Reign Carter, was born in 2016. This was followed by another miscarriage and then two baby girls, Saoirse Reign in 2019 and then Pearl in 2021.

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Where does Nick Carter live?

Although born in upstate New York and raised in Ruskin, Florida, Nick Carter’s career has taken him all over the world. Whether on stage or on vacation, Nick has traveled to many places throughout his career.

Today, however, he calls the Las Vegas area his home with his thriving little family of five. Carter, his wife Lauren and their three children make their home in the Vegas neighborhood of Henderson, Nevada.

Nick Carter: philanthropist

Nick, known primarily for his ability to sing, dance and act, is also passionate about cleaning up the environment. He has personally worked with organizations such as the United Nations Environment Program to assist them in their efforts.

He also launched Nick Carter’s Ocean Campaign in 2001 to help spread the word about the cleanliness of Earth’s oceans. It is also said that he once donated the proceeds from the sale of his artwork to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

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overcome the struggle

Despite family support for his talents when he was younger, Nick Carter grew up in a home that wasn’t always happy. Her parents later divorced and separated, however, the family drama didn’t end there.

There were rumors of a feud between Nick and his brother Aaron which heated up when a restraining order was issued against Aaron. The turmoil was so intense that Nick skipped his sister’s funeral in 2012, citing family feud issues.

Nick, who struggles with drugs and alcohol himself, said the addiction dates back to his childhood when he had his first drink at the age of two. Despite all this, when he was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, he decided to change his life.

Nick is a video game addict

After his battle with drug addiction, Nick turned his attention and his addiction to something much healthier, video games. Some of his favorite games include Duke Nukem, The Elder Scroll Online, Mortal Kombat, and World of Warcraft.

As he overcame his drug addiction, he tried to focus on other things that would take his mind off partying and drinking. Video games are a big part of that, though since becoming a dad he’s cut back on some of them.

Nick Carter at the movies

Although best known for his music, Nick has been seen in many TV shows and movies throughout his career. In addition to several talk shows where he was interviewed either with The Backstreet Boys, the wife of Nick Carter, or by himself.

Some TV shows he has been on include:

He has also acted in a few films, including:

nick carter backstreet boys
Nick Carter singing next to the sparkly stage. Taken at the Backstreet Boys (BSB) ‘Unbreakable Tour’ concert at the Bell Centre, Montreal, August 5, 2008. Photo by Anirudh Koul from Montreal, Canada.

What is Nick Carter’s net worth?

Although Nick Carter is best known for his sensational experience as a member of the Backstreet Boys, he has also been involved in many other projects. Some of these projects are less known than others.

It is thanks to his work as a singer, dancer, actor, record producer, author and much more that he has risen to the top of the salary chain. As of this writing, Nick Carter’s net worth is said to be around $35 million.

All in all, Nick Carter has had quite a rollercoaster career, from his humble beginnings in dancing and singing lessons to his music career with The Backstreet Boys and later his career as a solo singer. He has achieved a lot throughout his career despite his difficult relationship with his family.

In the end, although Nick had a phenomenal career as a musician, actor and more, he is now content with being a father and husband. Although he is still touring with the Backstreet Boys and working on other projects, his main focus is his beautiful family.