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25 years ago the Backstreet Boys released their first American album – 97.9 WRMF

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Twenty-five years ago today, street boys released their self-titled American debut album…and they still perform most of the songs from it every night on tour.

This 1997 album was actually a compilation of two international albums: a 1996 album also called street boys and a 1997 version called Backstreet’s Back. It initially debuted at No. 29, but thanks to the success of the group’s first major US hit, “Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)”, its popularity continued to grow.

Within five months, the album reached its peak — #4 — and sold 2 million copies. By the end of 1998, it was the third best-selling album of the year, with over 5.7 million copies sold. To date, it has sold over 14 million copies.

In addition to “Stop Playing Games (With My Heart)”, street boys also included many of the band’s most beloved songs, including “All I Have to Give”, “As Long as You Love Me”, “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”, “I’ll Never Break Your Heart”, “We ‘ve Got It Goin’ On” and “Get Down (You’re the One for Me)”.

The success of street boys helped set the stage for the release of their next album, Millenniumwhich set a record for the most copies sold in a single week – 1.124 million – when it arrived in 1999. Millennium became one of the best-selling albums of all time, with 24 million copies sold.

And although BSB has released many other albums since then, the impact of street boys can be seen in the band’s current set list, which includes no less than seven songs from this album. Their current DNA World Tour is set to wrap up in November; their first holiday outing, A Very Clandestine Christmasarrives October 14.

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